Here are some of my older works compared with the revisions.  Practice and progress, practice and progress...

My earlier rendition of Tess has cleaner lines, but I feel like the shading and highlighting are wonky.  Also earlier Tess's proportions look kinda janky.  I ended up going for a more comicy sketchy style - it saves a lot of time and it lets me make the characters more expressive.



With my revised version of Katja, I wanted to play with lighting a little more and make her less 2-D.  I darkened her hair, gave her some more make-up and tried to boost the detailing in her skates.  The skates look a little disproportionate, so that’s something I will have to work on the next pin-up of Katja I do. I covered the breasts (sorry) since I wanted to give her a shiny leather/latex ensemble.   Anything I should add or take away?



Here's one of my oldest renditions of Tess - Mr. Pickles is even there.  I drew the old version on GIMP, hence the cleaner lines.  Oh, paths tool, I miss you so.  With this revsion, I wanted to A.) get the proportions more accurate and B.) add some detail to the clothes.  And give myself more boobage.



One of my first digital drawings done on GIMP.  I've come a long ways in terms of just improving the proportion of my figures - the revised one still looks unhinged from her hips, so I definitely have room to enhance my skills.  For some reason, I've been fixated on PINK and Ugg clad bitches... Must be a latent jealousy...

PINK and Ugg Bitch (Amber):