Here are some things that I thought were nifty:

Hate Farm
This NSFW, random ass comic initially inspired me to get into digital drawing.  The stylization of Eric’s work is really impressive and the subject matter is always a surprise.

Books of Adam
Adam’s line art is simply amazing.  Bonus: his drawings are accompanied by an amusing story.   

Chaos Life
Really striking comic style with cute and witty subject matters.  

Pusheen the Cat
Twee cat doing adorable things - a staple of the internet.  I go here when I haz deh sadz so I can haz deh lulz.

Dear Beau
Dear Beau’s diary-entry concept inspired me to create a webcomic about my own life.  The characters are really expressive and the sketchy pencil and paper style really gives it a personal touch.

Rdhotcalipepr’s channel
This isn’t a webcomic, but it still inspires me to get creative.  Rdhotcalipepr is talented, silly, and (in my opinion) has an awesome taste in music.